Spiritual Wing

Welcome to Sri Sathya Sai Center of Tampa Bay
"Seeing unity in diversity is divinity and true spirituality. Study of scriptures, performing rituals, doing worship, etc., does not signify true spirituality. Recognising the unity of the Atmic principle is true spirituality. When you realise this unity, you will earn divine grace. You are always chanting, 'Sai Ram', 'Sai Ram', 'Sai Ram', but this alone will not develop devotion in you. You should imbibe the spirit of unity and chant the divine name to develop true devotion. If you have even a trace of true devotion in you, you should do good to others and live in harmony with them. Do not hate anyone. Love all. If you have love and faith, you will develop non-violence. Only then can you experience eternal bliss - your inherent nature, and the very nature of the divine" 
~~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba 2008, SSS Speaks Vol 41, Chapter 8

The sole purpose of the Spiritual Wing is to conduct activities that are conducive to the spiritual growth of aspirants participating in them, as per the Divine Directions of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Spiritual Direction of the Wing therefore includes -
  • Activities that help purify the mind, and establish love and faith firmly in an individual. These include devotional singing, prayers, meditation, study of Sai Literature and other sacred texts.
  • Initiatives that provide opportunities to individual aspirants and centres to experience and share the Unity and Universality of the Sai Message of Love with each other, and with the surrounding community irrespective of the diversity of races, religions, cultures or nations.
  • Teamwork and cooperation with the other Wings of the center to ensure harmony.
  • Bhajans (Group Devotional Singing), Prayers,Study Circles, and Meditation
  • Special Events periodically, and especially to celebrate festivals of major religions of the world, with extended prayer sessions, talks by eminent speakers, devotional music programs  video shows, etc.
  • Seminars and symposia to discuss, share and contemplate on spiritual teachings and experiences from various Divine Masters and Sacred Scriptures.
  • Workshops on Bhajan singing, devotional music, Vedic Chanting,  multi-faith Prayer Chanting, and Meditation.
Devotional Signing (Bhajans) guidelines for Tampa Bay Sai Center.
  • All devotees/members who wish to participate in devotional singing to submit song lyrics with e English translation to devotional coordinator at least 72 hrs prior to devotional program for Sunday and will be given an available slot for the day. 
  • Lead singer should be familiar with the song and should practice the song on 1st Sunday of the month in the practice session before singing in the regular Sunday devotional program.
  • Lead singers and instrument players should be seated in the first row 5 minutes before commencement of the devotional program.
  • Anyone coming after commence of the devotional program are requested to be seated at the back.
  • Lead singer should sing songs with more than 5 lines only once both at slow and fast speed.
  • SSE students will sing every 3rd Sunday of each month.
  • Group 1 and Group 2 SSE students will sing in unison or as a pair
  • Group 1 and Group 2 SSE students will not play any instruments during devotional singing.
  • Group 3 SSE students can sing solo if they have practiced the bhajan with their teacher.
  • Group 3 SSE students can play an instrument if they are taking lessons from a professional.
How to get Involved
Please contact us if you are
  • a musician (singer/instrumentalist/composer) of any genre.
  • able and willing to teach fellow devotees.
  • able and willing to sing or chant prayers.
  • able and willing to serve as a facilitator of Sai literature.
For further information please contact the devotional coordinator.